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About Me


I was born and raised in Israel to parents of Cochin Jewish ancestry, who immigrated to Israel from South India. I hold a B.A. in Archaeology and Art History, and an M.A. in Art History, from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

All my life I have loved to create. In 1998, after a year of jewelry-making courses at the University of New Mexico, I enrolled in a pottery class and found my passion. In 2005 I started Orna's Pottery, and later that year was invited to join the artist community of Pike Place Market, in downtown Seattle.

My work is inspired by the rich natural environment of the Pacific Northwest, and by indigenous pottery-making traditions from around the world.

The Production Process

I handcraft all of my pottery in my backyard studio. My pieces are made from stoneware and porcelain, using different forming techniques including throwing and hand building. My style and designs continue to evolve over the years. Until 2013 I had engraved most of my thrown pieces; nowadays, I prefer to press leaves onto the clay, incorporating a direct imprint of nature into the design.


I fire my work in an electric kiln to about 2160° F (Cone 5-6). All the clay and glazes I use are food safe. All pieces are oven and microwave safe, and safe for most dishwashers.

Throwing wheel
Mugs being glazed
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